Customer Reviews


Hi Gusta,

The figures are beautiful, especially the nose of Arie and his mustache, brilliant. I think he will agree. My arms are exactly perfect. The miniatures are very nice on the cake.

Dear regards, Conny


Dear Gusta,

I'm totally speechless... I looked at them for them for a long time and it looked like they were alive, so real so beautiful. I want to place them in my display case so nothing can happen to them. I'm so happy with them... just don't know how to translate my emotions into words... the details are super. Thank you very much, you are super. I'm going to enjoy them a bit more and after the wedding I will send you the photo's. I can't hardly wait to show you how happy I am!

Big hugs from a very happy bride to be, Claudia


Dear Gusta,

We had a super wedding and enjoyed our vacation very much. We displayed the cake topper at a shelf above the television in our livingroom. Everybody can see it there and it reminds us daily of our beautiful day. Again many thanks for this beautiful cake topper!

Kind regards, Sabrina and Stephen Dekker



Hi dear Gusta,

It's really unbelievable beautiful!! I can't stop looking at it!!! You have executed my ideas exactly as I had it in mind, even beyond that! I could never have imagined how great the result would be... all these little details... really beautiful!! The front with everything on it... perfect!! Very beautiful how the front cross-over to the back. I'm looking for the right words to describe it but I don't think they exist...

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are a darling!! I'm proud to be the owner of one of your masterpieces :)

Kiss, Marina



Hello Gusta,

Our cake topper was TOP. Really very beautiful and it complimented our wedding cake. We got many good and nice reactions at our day. Many thanks again.

Greetings Ferry and Leontine



Hi Gusta,

We just got back from our honeymoon and we had an amazing wedding day. Thanks to you because the cake topper was amazing! It's truly lifelike, super cute and my wife said its an amazing surprise! Many thanks! Good luck with your top company!

Regards, Guy


Hi Gusta,

We have no words for the cake topper, UNBELIEVABLE! Really super and it's EXACT the same. Many thanks, we got so many nice reactions too, I just got emotional when I saw the cake topper. Our day was super!!!

Greetings, Hannielle and Serge



The Miss Djax figure is sooooo beautiful, you made it with such love and all those little and unique details, the tattoos, the nice spidy-shirt (gives me memories from the 90s.... if I remember right she has worn it on Mayday 1994 in Dortmund) the headphones, the decks.... it's so perfect... woooow.

Thanks again and again... the figure is exactly what I expected and the nice flyer, it makes the overall impression so nice and completely perfect.

You are really a great artist and I'm proud of you and to have such a beautiful masterpiece... a true JOSEE!!!

Kisses and hugs, 

Marc Kaufmann, Dresden Germany


Everybody said the cake topper was fantastic and very beautiful.

Rein v Laak



I want to let you know how HAPPY I am with your cake topper!!!


xxx Samia



Hi Gusta,

Just got the package today and the Miss Djax action figure, stand, recordbag and records look AMAZING!!! We love it! We wish you the best!

David and Ana, DJ Pet Duo, Berlin Germany




Dear Gusta,

My husband and I finally settled in the USA. My mother took the beautiful cake topper already last August to the USA. I was so happy that it arrived safely. ‘We’ are showing off in our display case. Super cool! When I turn on the light, the dress, jewelry and the tiara starts to glitter, its great. I show the cake topper to all my friends. Once again many thanks for your amazing work.

Warm-hearted greetings, Melissa & Michael




Hi Gusta,

How skilful! The diver equipment matches exactly. Must have been difficult with all these hoses but very well done. Really fantastic!

David, Belgium




Hi Gusta,

We arrived home and I am totally happy with the cake topper. Each detail is true to life and I look super. Friday I will see the total cake topper but according to my mom Michael is totally life-like too. Even his shoes haha.

Greetings, Melissa




Hi Gusta!

The cake topper is super! Really formidable! It is showing off on our buffet. We got many reactions on this great topper and our guests all instantly noticed it was ourself standing on top of the wedding cake. Thank you so much for this amazing souvenir from this extremely special day!

Greetings, Esmee & Sander





After having looked at the cake topper again, I had to mail you once more. I am even more impressed (my boyfriend too). I looked at each finger, the hairs, the weapons. Its really all perfect!

Thanks again!

C T Wong Joe, Suriname




Hi Gusta,

Nice that we picked up the cake topper at your place and have seen the rest of your work/hobby, very impressive! By the way, I have seen my miniature today, my mom covered Chris so I could see ‘myself’ without seeing him. How super, the tattoo too! Really amazing! I also want to say that I find it amazing that you could make 4 figures for us in such a short time!

Greetings, Chantal & Chris





Hi Gusta,

I’m speechless…..


Greetings, Joke van den Kerkhof